I am a student, both in life and academically. I am a geek, and damn proud of that fact. I am passionate about my interests and my aspirations.

I greatly enjoy working in digital marketing and higher ed, and can see myself being involved in different aspects of technology and education throughout my career. I worked hard academically and professionally to get where I am today, and at 25, I can safely say I am proud of what I’ve achieved.

I was born and raised in Springfield, MA, and maintain a strong connection with my Western Mass upbringing. Before and during my undergraduate career at UMass Dartmouth, I was employed as a trainer and supervisor in the Ride Operations department at Six Flags New England, and became somewhat of a roller coaster enthusiast. While studying for my masters (continuing at UMass Dartmouth), I was employed as an intern with the United Way of Greater New Bedford, as well as a graduate assistant for social networking in the Graduate Studies office at UMass Dartmouth. Remaining as a volunteer with the United Way of Greater New Bedford as well as being involved with Net Impact (UMass Dartmouth chapter), I feel I have obtained a well-rounded employment background in marketing, social media, communications, and operations, while keeping ties with my communities.

I made the move to Boston in May 2011. I love the city and the culture, and embrace the opportunities the area can give me. I’m an avid Boston sports fan (especially the Red Sox) and aside from marketing, I have very strong interests in technology, music, and gaming. I am a huge beergeek, and enjoy cooking and trying out new dishes (not surprising coming from an Italian upbringing). I can be found digitally on numerous social networks, and I am eager to encounter all that life has to offer.